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David Bouley RestaurantRecently, in the glorious city of Manhattan… Risqué dined with darling LUSHES at the deservedly famous Bouley, David Bouley’s namesake destination d’ Cuisine. The coralline tinted environ is a cheeky and charming homage to all things sumptuously Parisian down to the heavy bullion trimmed upholstered silk chairs and the hand painted ivy patterned china. While the establishment’s interior may be flouncy, there is nothing but serious attention devoted to the art of cuisine d’ haute and to the dining experience.

Risqué dined on six courses of delectable morsels all paired with at least one wine course… the most extraordinary of the six were the third and fourth course… a Chilled Maine Lobster Terrine relished with Mango, Fresh Artichoke and Serrano ham, passion fruit, Fresh Coconut and Taramind dressing… unbelievable!!!! The Terrine by the most fantastic, Bobo farms Squab and Foie gras wrapped with Savoy cabbage, Artichoke purée and Squab jus presented with two wine tastings, first a deliciously rich and complexly fruity 2002 Château Sociando-Mallet, Haut-Médoc, France.

Chateau Sociando Mallet Wine Label

This Haut-Médoc seduces with succulent black raspberry, leather, smoke and a distinct minerality all on a hearty tannic frame which carried perfectly against the depthy metallics of the Foie Gras and the earthiness of the cabbage and artichoke. The second pairing was a decadent 2001 Priorat, Rotllan Torra, Reserva, Catalunya, Spain.

Rotllan Torra Reserva 2001 Priorat Wine Label

This beauty is 50% Garnacha, 25% Carignan and 25% Cabernet Sauvignon and the effect is a nose filled with dark chocolate and a palate of concentrated black cherries, dried herbs and floral notes. The marriage with the Foie Gras was magical… bringing up its buttery richness and the sweetness of the squab reduction. Absolute PERFECTION!

Beyond the BRILLIANCE of the cuisine, the Maitre d’, Sommelier and regiment of Waiters were marvelously accommodating and personable attending to Risqué’s every whim as if he and his entourage where their sole charges. Even if it weren’t for the INCREDIBLE creations of Bouley’s kitchen and the SUMPTIOUS dining room… Risqué would return… solely for the service… EXECELENT!!!!


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Salish Lodge, Snoqualmie, Washington

In the world of some wonderfully fabulous luxuries, Risqué and some of his fellow LUSHES sojourned their way through the upper northwest to a wonderful lodge and spa just outside of Seattle, Washington called Salish Lodge on the Snoqualmie River. An unforgettable experience held by all who indulge in Salish’s offerings is the stunning lodge that hangs on the edge of a cliff where a grandiose waterfall plummets hundreds of feet to the river below producing a cool foggy mist.

Salish Lodge

Gratifying and relaxing is the splendiferous spa experience … Risqué recommends the Earth Cocoon and the River Rock massage. Compounded gratification is the elegant and romantic dining room where one can gaze into the eyes of that someone special or maybe someone new while looking down on the waterfall below and overindulge in the Dining Room’s salacious culinary cuisine which will transport one into a state of bliss. Ah! And don’t forget the wine list which resembles the novel “War and Peace” …definitely not for the faint at heart. The Sommelier au courant will provide ample assistance.

Doing as Risqué did… take a long look at the well developed artisanal Cheese Menu. Risqué recommends pairing your cheese selection with a fabulous Chardonnay from their well-endowed wine list. Warning… lingering in you room in your plush robe over your Chardonnay and cheese selection will likely lead to extracurricular activities especially if you are not alone.

Certainly Salish is a necessary accoutre mon to a life well lived… LA VIE BIEN VÉCUE!


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Norton Reserva 2003 Malbec, Mendoza Argentina

In Argentina, were the land is profuse with fertile vineyards in the valley of “Men” doza, the Bodega of Norton Winery applies a “work system called Mapping the practice”. This methodology is where the “vineyards are divided into small (manageable) parcels that enable the work…” and Mans [sic] “…tracking to achieve their maximum potential” and performance. The wine is aged in barrels and then bottled and stored in the wineries Maturity Cellar that is located 30 feet deep below the winery. Any mention of Men, performance and deep assuredly draws the attention of Risqué.Norton Reserva 2003 Malbec, Mendoza Argentina

This Fruit Bomb is bountiful in the glass with intense dark purple garnet color giving rise to scents of dark ripe plum, over ripe cherry, warm aromatic clove, all culminating with a fine cedar lining. A FRUIT BOMB!!! In the mouth are deep dark rich concentrated and brooding balanced flavors of juicy ripe blackberry, soothing café mocha, intensified with French oak. The supple tannins and full body of this wine leave the mouth elated and satisfied.

Pair it with slow smoked

Santa Maria style Tri-Tip or grilled Filet Mignon accompanied with Brussels sprouts tossed in butter and balsamic vinegar.This bodega’s practices have achieved something deliciously comely and round and voluptuous in Risqué’s mouth… truly bodacious!Alcohol 14.2% ($14)


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Tolosa Banner

Risqué just loves a White Party… especially when it is the volumous release of all a vineyard’s succulent and aromatic wines. Join Tolosa Winery in this climatic moment on May 16th, 2008 from 5-7 pm. and who knows you just might meet the cute pick cheek winemaker…Nathan.

PS… This is for Heritage Wine Club members and Risqué would highly recommend joining and possibly lifting your wine glass with Risqué.


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Nebojsa Zdravkovic – Nude Bacchus – Oil on canvas

Bacchus, the great “God of Wine” is the most prevalent old world image associated with all things wine and decadence and this lovely oil work of “Nude Bacchus” certainly supports the mythology surrounding this notorious deity.

Hot and handsome, Serbian artist, Nebojsa Zdravkovic is a master of appropriating light with a brilliant use of color via a classic impressionistic style drawing heavily on his life experiences. His works convey a delightful but moody sense of realism with a curious innocent sensuality.

Nebojsa Zdravkovic Nude Bacchus

Risqué was enormously captivated by Zdravkovic’s works from first introduction. His works are succulently sensual and deliciously masculine with a quality of light that will illuminate any collection. Risqué can only offer his services as an adoring and accommodating Bacchante to such an amazing God!


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at 8:31pm by Risqué

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Thornton, 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, Temecula Valley, CA

Thornton Winery, located in Southern California’s Temecula Valley wine country has a huge prowess for award winning sparkling wines, but one night while sitting by a flickering warm fire and listening to Smoke City’s “Life can be sweet” (Jazz), Risqué and hispresent LUSHES were ironically sipping on this smoky Cabernet…

Thornton 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Label

From glass to nose the liquid reveal scents of licorice twists, black currant, and grilled smoky meat with lingering hints of burning wood. The sensual mouth feel is caressed with flavors of bright red Morello cherry, sweet tobacco, more smoked meat mid palate and light cedar balanced with a rich fruity acidity settling into a long lingering smoky finish.

Although Risqué consumed this sultry hazy libation on it’s own… he could certainly imagine it in a threesome of a prime aged filet, stuffed with decadent foir gras and wrapped with thick Kevin peppered bacon.

And to finish with lyrics from the song… “…Yes it would be nice to have you, way beyond and way before tomorrow”

Alcohol: 13.8% ($27)


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Lazy Creek Vineyards 2005 Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley

Lazy Creek Vineyard 2005 Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley Wine LabelAggressive, bold, huge and rich… is exactly how Risqué likes his MEN Pinot Noir. Not only is this liquid amazing… it always nice to find a well hung bottle with a beautiful and elegant lengthy cork closure.

Deep ruby red extends to the rim of this Pinot Noir boasting a strong Alcohol but complex nose. The aromas flaunt delicious fresh strawberry, black cherry preserves, rhubarb, sweet tobacco, spicy wood and floral notes. This beauty fills the mouth with a full bodied, mildly tannic, very round Burgundian style liquid that is engorged with more dark cherry and punctuated with bright strawberry, spice, cola and tobacco finish. Risqué left half the bottle opened overnight and was very pleasantly surprised as the strong alcohol nose all but disappeared and the remaining nose and taste held nicely.

Trust him… Risqué knows lazy when he experiences it and this is anything but lackadaisical… so just lean back and let this big beautiful Pinot grab hold of you and provide an enjoyable workout! Risqué strongly recommends decanting for several hours or if you want to keep it will lie down for five to ten years.

Alcohol 14.1 ($50)


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Beaux Frères 2005 Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Robert Parker is a co-owner with his brother-in-law, Michael Etzel in this 88 acre Yamhill, Oregon winery with a focus on world class Pinot Noir that exhibits “very ripe, healthy and intense fruit through low yields, non-irrigated vineyards and allowing fermentation to capture the true reflection of the Beaux Frères Vineyard”. The now transformed vineyard was originally a “Pig Farm” and

Risqué finds that in the nose it still harkens back to its origins… just a bit of “barnyard”.Beaux Frères 2005 Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley LabelThe liquid is ruby to the rim with a snout initially punctuated with terroir and layered with rich pine forest, Pinot Noir fruit and ripe cherry and sweet capsicum. In the mouth this Willamette Valley Pinot fizzes with the slightest hint of effervescence and squeals with fruit through the mid-pallet, unfolding with more ripe tangy cherry, raspberry and subtle anise with a soft and silky tannic finish.

Treasuring his pearls, Risqué recommends decanting this rare jewel for 30 minutes to an hour to eliminate any barnyard, Brettanomyces… “Brett” for short, which reveals the lustrous precious jewel this wine becomes.

So call Risqué a filthy pig but this is delicious Pinot Noir that will have you clutching your pearls!

Alcohol 14.2% ($50)


Posted: March 19th, 2008
at 9:11pm by Risqué

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