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Wedded Bliss!

Finally all the rice dust has settled and Risqué is back from his long honeymoon hiatus. He now has lots of cherished memories and photos, an impressive princess cut diamond eternity band and a handsome, adoring and devoted husband to show for his efforts… not to mention numerous wine experiences. All that and it only took fifteen years to tie the proverbial knot!

David & James Wedding

Although his special day October 19th, and all the meaning that Risqué attaches to that special day seem just moments ago, there are already those that would seek to strip away the validity of his right to be married to the person of his choosing in this, the great state of California.

The decision for equality for all now lies in the hands of the Supreme Court of California. Risqué hopes and believes wisdom, not hatred will prevail and again make right and sacred the vows he and his husband have already legally exchanged. Please don’t be silent. Stand for what is fair and right, not H8.

To all of the same-sex married couples… Risqué raises his champagne flute honoring all the heartfelt vows and commitments made. Congratulations!


Posted: January 5th, 2009
at 9:27pm by Risqué

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