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Being highly stimulated Risquéresented leaving Domaine Carneros, but it was time to skip to his next private tasting at Bouchaine, the oldest continually operating vineyard in Napa. Again there is divine meaning in the word Bouchaine, “to shine in the mouth” and they do not disappoint!

AsRisquépenetrated the doors to the recycled original Redwood vat sided style winery, Donna, the gorgeous and Donna Burk - Bouchaines Director of Hospitality“Kim Catrell’esque” Hospitality Director’ess collected Risqué’sentourage in the Tasting Room and escorted them to the Fermentation and Barrel Rooms for a leisurely private Barrel tasting with Bouchaine’s renowned Winemaker, BBill Murray, Bouchaines Winemakerill Murray. Risquéluxuriated through four of their yet to be bottled wines, the 2007 stainless fermented Chardonnay, 2007 Carneros Pinot Noir, 2007 Estate Pinot Noir and 2007 Syrah with the already worthy Estate Pinot Noir being Risqué’schoice to watch for the future offerings.

Urged to the terrace, his group was seated overlooking their reception-perfect country gardens, profuse with lavender, a multitude of diverse flowers and lush, bird filled, and sustainable 100 acre vineyards of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah.
Bouchaine's wine feast

Risqué’sentourage was soon pleasured with a spectacular “Catered-in” repast, brimming with ripe summer and dried fruit and berries, Spiced Pecans, Israeli couscous salad and cheeses; white Stilton studded with dried apricot, Manchego, Heirloom tomato salad, duck pate and succulent Smoked Salmon. Again, Risqué sampled a litany of Bouchaine’s offerings… Eight (all delicious) to be exact, adoring their Chardonnay and Pinot Noirs! The sun was caressing the hills of Napa and Risquéwas orally elated with the extraordinary afternoon at Bouchaine… it could have been hours more!


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Domaine Carneros 2003 “Le Reve”, Blanc de Blanc

This wonderful sparkling white wine is a blend of 98% Chardonnay and 2% Pinot Blanc that shows a gentle color of pale straw yellow exuding lustrous scents of fresh lemon peel, bitter almond and baked Bartlett pear. The mouth is crisp and refreshing with precise fine bubbles, Granny Smith apples, lemon curd and finishes of essence of sweet honeyed buttered toast.

Risqué paired his tasting with some homemade prosciutto (Thank you Bella!) which he found brings up the sweetness of this sparkling wine. “Le Reve” will go great with savory salty foods.

12.2% Alcohol ($85)

Domaine Carneros 2006 “The Famous Gate” Pinot Noir

Risqué discovered a glorious cherry-red hue in his glass giving way an abundant nosegay of wild cherry, licorice, root beer and rich berries. Always putting things into his mouth, Risqué found that the taste carried many of the same characteristics…cherry, licorice and root beer with an added surprise in the background of bitter cocoa. With a perfect balance and light texture, this divine libation is definitely ready to indulge in now.

Alcohol 13.7% ($68)


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Risque standing in front of Domaine CarnerosRisqué’s first lick on his Romp through Napa and Sonoma… the landmark Domaine Carneros, a replica of the Taittinger French Château de la Marquetterie, for Risqué’s rendezvous with “the Chas” from and onto a private tour and tasting. Post intros, Risqué and Chas were greeted by the easy on the eyes, tour guide Mike, who escorted Risqué and entourage through the Chateau visiting the fermentation and barrel rooms and Riddling Racks at Domaine Carnerosthe high-tech computerized riddling racks where he heard about Domain Carneros’ centuries old processes.

As they made their way through seemingly endless tanks, Risqué was introduced TJ Evans, Winemaker at Domaine Carnerosto and smitten by the swarthy and swashbuckling Pinot Wine Maker… TJ Evans who had “just returned from Chile where he spent the last 3 years developing a Chardonnay and Pinot Noir ranch at the southern end of Chile’s winegrowing region”. With a love and passion for Pinot Noir, TJ’s experiences have led him to careers with La Crema winery in the Russian River Valley and on to Dry Creek and Alderbrook Winery where he continues to craft memorable vinos. Regretfully peeling from the company of TJ,

Domaine Carneros fruit and cheese plate with caviar avec accoutrementsRisqué’s party eventually made it ways on to the Terrace whereDomaine Carneros’ Famous Gate Pinot Noir Risqué indulged in the luscious French styled 2002 “La Reve” which is French for “The Dream” and amazing 2006 Famous Gate Pinot Noir (reviews to follow) while nibbling brie and crackers with pate, nuts, dried fruit and caviar avec accoutrement.

The stunning pastoral view was made extraordinary by the cool breeze and bilious white clouds punctuating the bright blue sky across the Carneros District of Napa Valley. Besides the winery and the setting being simply divine… Mike, Charles Kimball and Risque Sommelier at Domaine CarnerosMike was simply delicious… an absolute delight… charming and a bit of a tease.

Risqué loves the straight boys who dare to flirt with gay boys. Oh.. La.. La!


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Charles Kimball - Gay Napa Getaways

Risqué had the pleasure of spending four wonderful days last summer in San Francisco with favorite LUSHES at some of his favorite haunts… Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, Hog IslandOysters, his favorite hidden jewel box… The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus, the incomparable Michael Mina’s Signature Restaurant at the St. Frances Union Square including a 1966 bottle of German Riesling.. (Unbelievable, but that’s another story!), the Fifth Floor at the Hotel Palomar and the amazing Plumpjack Cafe which reminds Risqué of the Palace of Versailles meets Alice in Wonderland on psychotropics!!…  Risqué anxiously anticipated the gay wine country experience offered by GayNapaGetaways.

Planning a weeklong trip can be a bit tedious unless you’re just classically type “A” which of course Risqué represents classically.  But, this trip he was looking for something a little more relaxing… and yet something just a little gay.  Risqué had been introduced to a full service gay Concierge, Charles Kimball of who was accredited with being well connected with what is hot and happening in the Napa and Sonoma Wine Country.  This gay owned and operated Concierge offers personalized arrangements from private wine tastings, rustic to luxurious accommodations, memorable dining experiences, special events and gay weddings packages… all through the Napa and Sonoma Valleys and… just a little gay! Definitely a perfect match.

So, Risqué being just somewhat submissive that day turned over all of the planning to “the Chas” and decided to run with it!  Risqué’s only demands… show me what ya got baby!!!  Arrange a trip that showcases the Gay friendly accommodations, services and dining establishments on Risqué’s general itinerary traveling from Napa through to Healdsburg across six gloriously anticipated days.

The next couple weeks, Risqué will take his LUSHES along for the ride on “Risqué’s Romp…through Napa and Sonoma”.   He’s elated to share the fabulous sensuous experiences and treasures that stimulated him along the way!


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