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Vintner’s Collective

Day Two…

After the delightful breakfast at the Whitehouse Inn and Spa it was time Risqué made his way to the multi-winery tasting room featuring 18 boutique wineries…Vintner’s Collective. The handsome socialite and bon vivant, owner Doug led them upstairs to the Members tasting room (don’t be nasty) in the 1875 building that had done diverse duty as a brewery, a brothel and a Chinese laundry. Risqué just so happened to get a picture displayed at the top on the stairs portraying the sordid past of the building. Doug’s charming wit entertained Risqué’s crew with some Napa history and a little gossip (so they say) on their tasting excursion through eight of Napa’s most coveted boutique vineyards as they nibbled on more of Melissa Teaff catered delicacies. If you have limited time in Napa and can make only one stop for wine tasting… this would have to be high on the list!! “What a fabulous time” Risqué thought as it ended all too soon and his party began to strut down Main St. to their next liquid oasis.


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The Whitehouse Inn and Spa

Next stop for Risqué… a much needed rest… after the delightfully exhausting day of wine tasting himself nearly to death, he sauntered is way to the newly totally renovated White House Inn and Spa. A grand sight for the wine legged weary,
the Historic 17 room Inn, built in 1801, was packed to the Victorian gingerbread eaves with all the modern amenities… luxurious linens and contemporary décor. Fabu! Risqué believes… A must stay location in downtown Napa boasting style and sophistication! The Inn and Spa are enveloped with lush formal gardens, a gorgeous sunny pool and charming Gazebo crowned wedding garden. So perfectly Gay! All of this luxury within walking distance of Napa’s best restaurants, wine tasting salons and art galleries…a true Risqué Sommelier LUSH’s paradise.

Another surprise greeted Risqué … the Chas had arranged for an intimate catered dinner by the Napa renowned Chef, Melissa Teaff. The fabulously LV shod and bagged Chef Teaff had prepared a delightful meal with a first course of spicy pecans, chèvre cheese and fantastic chef made shortbread crackers which was shared poolside with the Inn’s elegant Owner, Darcy, Hospitality Manager Linda, the Chas and Chef Teaff. Dinner was buffet style in the dining room consisting of an Eight variety Heirloom Tomato Salad with baby Buffalo Mozzarella cheese and basil chiffonade, an entree of spicy barbecued “Airline” (winglet attached) boneless chicken breast and creamy blue cheese new potato salad… all perfectly pared with a wonderful bottle of Nickle & Nickle 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon, courtesy of Gay Napa Getaways! Ah…La’more, La’more!

Late night confabulation was topped with some of Melissa’s delish Chocolate Brownies, a late harvest dessert wine and ultimately a man next to Risqué in bed making those luxurious sheets all the more comforting. The bay windowed room was beautifully lit by the morning sun as hostess Jennifer delivered Risqué’s extremely generous breakfast “in bed”! Wrapped in his thick, plush robe he began the day with homemade muesli, croissant with spiced butter, jam and a sensual black truffled cheese and the much need coffee while sitting on his balcony enjoying the garden view. His only regret… no leisure time to enjoy the Inn’s Spa!!! Oh well… a reason to return!!!


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