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Always UP for more, Risqué dashed off to HdV for his appointment with the handsome and charming “Burgundian” (French) Winemaker, Stéphane Vivier, who through his adorable and sexy French accent shared the history of the HdV’s 2000 collaboration between the great de Villaine and Hyde families. While Risqué sampled their wines atop a barrel, Stéphane shared that each wine represents “a picture of the vineyard in each glass“. Stéphane quipped that Aubert de Villaine says “If the wine is good it is the vineyard and the terroir, if the wine is bad, it is the winemakers fault. Stéphane could have led Risqué to the moon and back but instead opted to continue sampling their French stylized noteworthy wine tastings that combine to make their by allotment only reserve Proprietary Red. Fabuleux is the word that comes to Risqué’s mind not to mention all of Risqué’s other thoughts! Oui?


Posted: April 27th, 2009
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Next stop on Risqué’s journey… “Vinum, Cantus, Amor” or Wine, Song and Love which is the motto for Ceja Vineyards, owned by third generation wine growers and one of only three Hispanic vintners in Napa/Sonoma Valley.

Their exuberant and hospitable host Javier facilitated Risqué’s party’s experience with Ceja’s trademark handcrafted, 100% single vineyard and small quantity production wines while sharing his knowledge of the Mexico’s developing wine country. Risqué, an admirer of Hot Passionate Latin Men, quickly added five more wonderfully passionate food friendly wines to his daily tasting repertoire and was especially attracted to their 2005 Sonoma Coast Syrah.


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Bounty Hunter Wine CatalogNext on Risqué’s liquid destinations was The Bounty Hunter Rare Wine and Provisions which is one of the few Napa restaurant and/or wine shops that feature both California and International wines, on the premise or via catalog, including their own label “Pursuit”, bottled sourcing some of the most proprietary juice in Napa! As everyone knows Risqué is always in “Pursuit” of proprietary juice!

Bounty Hunter Restuarant and Wine Bar

Again, the hospitality was spread out for Risqué with a fine Charcuterie including some of their incredible signature house smoked St. Louis cut Ribs. Kari, Sales Development Manager, Stefan the Sales Communication Manger and William, the Wine Bar General Manager spent their afternoon sampling Risqué and Posse on four Pursuit varieties including the famous “Pink Pony” Rosé, one of Risqué’s favorites and one Waypoint 2004 Beckstoffer To Kalon Cabernet Sauvignon. Not only were the wines and hospitality wonderful, the servers were quite cute! Risqué’s all about enjoying the Pink Pony, so when in Napa…it would be a crime to pass through downtown and not be apprehended by the Bounty Hunter.


Posted: April 9th, 2009
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