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Posted: May 22nd, 2009
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While Risqué relaxed… his driver whisked him North to Calistoga to his serene accommodations,Garden Fountain the delightfully French Maison, Chateau de Vie. Chateau de Vie InteriorThe five room “Ralph Lauren Décor” Inn and Euro-style formal gardens are nestled against their namesake vineyards with stunning views across the vineyard and valley of the Palisade Mountains and Mt. St. Helena from the giant sycamore shaded terrace and adjacent sparkling pool. Making a name for themselves over the last decade, not only as an elegant Inn, the welcoming owners Peter and Phillipe, along with Winemaker Dave Phinney have produced a very fine blended CPool/Jacuzziabernet Sauvignon under the same label Chateau de Vie… Having settled and feeling a bit famished… Risqué pondered dinner… at one of the splendid dining options in and around Calistoga such as Terra, Auberge du soleil and Tra Vigne. As it was already quite late, Risqué and LUSHES opted to dine in oh so quaint downtown Calistoga at the less fussy Brannan’s Gill which was excellent! Risqué returned to the House of Life to revel in a delightful glass of CdV Cab Sauv and drink in the incredible star filled sky from the Jacuzzi. Risqué retired very late to his cozy room and very comfortable bed to chase sweet dreams.

Up early, Risqué sipped his morning coffee and listened to the Chateau de Vie Breakfastbirds in the vineyard while he read the morning paper. A pleasurable breakfast was served with freshly baked lemon and currant scones with butter, fresh orange juice and a Phillipe forte… egg strata studded with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, sweet basil and parmesan along with grilled chicken and provolone sausages… Sublime!

Chateau de Vie is the perfect retreat from hurried city life… pure refined relaxation!


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Risqué was on his knees again thanking Bacchus for his dedicated driver LUSH as they headed for their last wine stop of the day…

O’Brien Estate Winery in the prestigious Oak Knoll designation of Napa. Bart and Barb O’Brien greeted Risqué’s crew of LUSHES with a tour of the dark, cool and dimly lit Barrel room that housed their renowned and superb wines. Risqué and LUSHES were captivated by Bart as they sat at a candle lit table, sipped some fabulous wine and discussed the wineries winemaking processes. The Entourage eventually retired to the dappled shade beneath a giant oak trees on the lush cool lawn overlooking the picturesque O’Brien Vineyards.

Risqué nibbled on cheese and with his pinky pointed high, swirled and sampled the lineup within arm’s reach of the “Romantic Portfolio” of wines including their 2006 Reserve Chardonnay, “Flirtation” Dry Rosé, the yet unreleased “Unrestrained” and the poetically packaged “Seduction” illustrated with the poem “Lovers are the winds of passion, fill your sails; Friends are the harbor of calm, anchor your soul; You are the waters of clarity, if you live your dreams.” Delicious wonderful people and wines… Risqué was not only delighted to now understand all the fuss was about from Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and Robb Report, but was also mesmerized by Bart O’Brien’s charm, poetry and hospitality.

Risqué thought he could certainly give into his desires and be seduced… Some would say he would not need wine!

The afternoon slipped into long relaxing hours of wonderful conversation as the sun settled into the Hills of Napa.


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