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AVANT's Tasting Room

AVANT, the latest State-of-the-Art Tapas and Wine bar in Buellton, California is where Risqué chose to socialize last Saturday, as he did what he loves most… partake of the reward of the Gods! One of Risqué’s Winemaker LUSHES, Nick Morello, opened the doors to this innovative establishment only a couple weeks ago where they pour 32 different and amazing wines served alongside delectable inspired Tapas.

AVANT's Wine Dispensers

What makes AVANT State-of-the-Art are the machines that dispense their wines. Just like Risqué’s favorite slot machines, one inserts their card given to them by the staff into the machine. Fortunately, AVANT has a description of each wine so the anticipating Oenophile (or Novice) is able to make an almost sure bet/selection as to what wine will bring the most payoffs by selecting a 1 oz. taste, half glass sample or full glass indulgence.

Nick Morello and Chef Chris Warrick

And just like Risqué’s favorite gambling den, the amount you invest/consume is tracked on the card. Of course, this can be a surprise for a satiated LUSH as to how much were the spoils when the card is swiped and totaled on the computer register before departure.

After Risqué played his luck on the Vino Jackpot machines, he ventured on to amuse his palate with Chef Chris Warrick’s wine pairing special where he paired his creativity with some of Imagine’s prize wines.

AVANT's Tapas Special

Chef Chris paired…

Imagine 2008 Chardonnay with a slice of Robiola Bosnia cheese …perrrfect with the butteriness of the Chardonnay!

Imagine 2006 Viognier with Shrimp Crostini and Chimichurri …delightful complement where the Viognier is a nice counterbalance to the garlicky Chimichurri. Wow!!

Imagine 2006 Pinot Noir with Grilled Shrimp tightly wrapped in Serrano ham …the Berries, cinnamon and nutmeg in the Pinot enhances the saltiness of the ham and sweetness in the shrimp.

Imagine 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon paired with some slices of Barolo Sausage …black cherries, currants and a hint of chocolate contend with the salt and spice of the sausage. Amazing!!

Risqué was a bit confused as to where AVANT was located as the GPS on Risqué’s M5 only told him so much… Risqué offers the following advice… “Just go gaily forward to the backside” as AVANT is located behind the Terravant facility. Nick assured Risqué that better signage will prevail soon as Risqué tantalizes his LUSHES to visit AVANT’s Vino . AVANT is located at 59 Industrial Way H, Buellton CA.

Risqué recommends to all his LUSHES that they hit the machines at AVANT and win big with a Vino Jackpot!!!

More info about AVANT can be found in the Santa Barbara Independent, on Twitter and AVANTS website which will be up later this week.


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Azur 2008 Rosé

Risqué has been known to appropriate various proclivities. However, his favorite proclivity is that of an oral nature in which he grasps a fabulous glass of wine and sips his way to nirvana. On one special occasion, Risqué had the opportunity to meet a woman, Élan Fayard, who would arouse Risqué’s oral proclivity with a bottle of Azur 2008 Rosé.

Risqué met first met Élan Fayard when she worked for Lynmar Estate in the Russian River Valley where she toured Risqué and his LUSHES through the winery. Later Élan was able to introduced Risqué to her husband, Julien Fayard’s wine and his proclivity for classic provençal rosé.

The Methode Provençal Rosé glints a very pale coral shade similar to the beautiful cascading Roses found at Risqué’s desert Chateau. The nose cultivates fond memories of ripe, juicy peach and airy florals, leading to the a very drinkable dry taste of light tangy peach and garden strawberry with a delicate hint of floral which blooming on the backside. The Rosé offers a “balanced natural acidity” and minerality that is perfectly food friendly.

Risqué often shares his proclivities with others as his LUSHES can prove. His fondness for the Azur 2008 Rosé was certainly the reason why he worked with Élan to have it poured at the LUSH-A-LICOUS wine tasting at GayDays Orlando 2009.

Risqué recommends everyone try this wine and awaken their oral proclivity! A Toast…To Élan, Julien and oral proclivities!

14.1% Alcohol ($24) Cork Closure


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