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Hitching Post 2006 “Perfect Set” Pinot Noir, Santa Rita Hills

Risqué is inevitably attracted to a perfect set… set of pearly white teeth, set of ripped abs, set of hard pectorals, set of defined guns… and oh, not to forget, his delicious set… of LV Luggage! It seems determined that he would be drawn to Hitching Post’s 2006 “Perfect Set” Pinot Noir.

With a clear glinting Ruby Red, one quick swirl of the glass provokes essences of bright raspberry, earthy mushroom, Sarsaparilla and embracing spice. Its oral penetration announces a lively and rustic tart raspberry, cherry, a subtle tanginess on the backside that sets up some bilious swirling tannins.

Risqué recommends letting the wine breath and pairing it with food….   As Risqué created his own “Perfect Set” by pairing it with some matched medium rare grilled Kobe Rib-eye steaks topped with a sharp horseradish sour cream sauce…. Almost as dreamy as the perfectly matched set of bright sapphire blue eyes of his gorgeous dinner date… Absolute luxury!

Alcohol 14.5%  Natural Cork Closure  ($60)


Posted: November 13th, 2009
at 7:34pm by Risqué

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