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Risqué Sommelier …Just a little GAY! is so excited to be publishing the site to the web for the first time!!!  It has been years in the making and a dream is finally becoming a reality.

Friends know Risqué as a self professed Oenophile… Bacchus incarnate… a wine lover of intense magnitude… a delightfully humorous scamp with a disarming boyish charm… a slave to the hedonistic pursuit of amazing wines… but never without his signature salacious style.  His desire for the fruit of the vine compels him on an insatiable quest… a journey without end with so much to enjoy along the way.

Risqué has worked for decades in the industry with Chefs and Restaurateurs developing and maintaining wine offerings appropriate for the cuisine and training staffs on the enjoyment and service of fine wine.  On the private side, Risqué has shared his love, talent and knowledge over decades with devotes through entertaining, wine travels, hosting wine tastings, recommendations and consulting.   

Forged from his background Risqué  desires to share the richness of his experience and pleasure of fine wine, world class gastronomy, travel, art and the riche life in a broader context outside of a restaurant setting with a larger clientele, where as old friends… enjoy swirling, Sniffing and Silling a marvelous glass of wine.  Risqué thus becomes your devoté to hedonistic pursuit of the pleasures of the senses and especially…Wine!                                                                                                                                                                                               

Risqué  desires you would come by regularly and “Pop your Cork” with  Risqué!  


Posted: August 27th, 2007
at 9:48am by Risqué



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  1. Hey Risque, I stumbled on to your web site last night and spent a couple hours surfing. It appears we have many of the same proclivites. I was raised in Napa and my mom was a cooking instructor in my youth. She is French (a war bride) and hung out with the big names in wine and
    and cuisine both in Napa and France. I currently have a small vineyard in north Napa. We love to cook, entertain and savor the fruits of the vine and otherwise. Great
    site you developed and you sound like a total horny hoot.(refined of course!) Email me if you like. Au revoir pour le moment. Bob

    Bob Didier

    2 Jan 10 at 8:30 am



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